A Book for Those Considering Birth Control

There are some things every woman should know before she begins taking hormonal birth control. Unfortunately, it’s information that doctors rarely share with their patients. Even the information pamphlets that read like a miniature novel are incomplete in their warnings.

You may wonder why your doctor wouldn’t adequately warn you. You may wonder how there could still be safety questions surrounding The Pill after 50 years. You may wonder if the benefits really do outweigh the risks.

This book answers all those questions. Order your copy by clicking here.

Here’s what some readers have said:

This is an eminently readable and accessible deep dive into the Nelson Pill Hearing papers that cross-references what was known then (1970) and what is known now. Shocking quotes are pulled, studies are placed in context, and the writer even tracks down a few people who were there to give their insights. I love an independent researcher, someone who just takes the time to do the reading and make the connections others are not making. Read it, loan it out, get it to as many women as you can.

– Holly Grigg-Spall, Author, Sweetening the Pill

If there is anyone who is concerned about women’s health, I strongly recommend that they read this book! If there is anyone who is concerned about the influence that the pharmaceutical industry has over the medical profession, I strongly recommend that they read this book! Before any young woman decides to go on hormonal birth control, I strongly recommend that she reads this book! Hormonal birth control can be life-changing for some and life-ending for others. 

– Anthony, Amazon review

 In The Name of the Pill speaks truly about the dangers of The Pill and the alarming statistics behind both short term and long term effects. I highly suggest we share this book with women, both young and old to allow them to make better choices when it comes to hormonal birth control.

– Raquel, Amazon review

Reading this book I kept doubting that the stories were real (they are), and kept thinking that this could be made into some kind of riveting conspiracy documentary… If you go to your doctor for an honest run down of hormonal birth control, it is very unlikely you will get the facts… If you look into the amount of class action lawsuits against any given company that makes a version of the Pill, IUD, patch, ring, there are tens of thousands. This is something women need to know. Yet we are told that it isn’t serious enough, that there isn’t reason for concern.”

– Nathalie, Instagram review

In the Name of the Pill is an essential read! Anyone concerned about the health of women or adolescent girls needs to take the time to read this book… The author has done a fantastic job of research, and his writing style is a delight.

– Anonymous, Amazon review

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